The key product for biogas desulphurisation

FerroBio is easy to use, non-toxic, not hazardous, economical and efficient for biogas desulphurisation, it is not corrosive and helps generate high-quality compost that enhaces all types of fertilisers.

FerroBio is designed for the following areas:

  1. Biogas desulphurisation
  2. Water treatment
  3. Odour treatment

Thanks to continuous investment in research and development, we can offer innovative solutions for any need in these three areas – promising, efficient and competitive.


What is it?

FerroBio is an iron compound, made of functional oxides and hydroxides for biogas desulphurisation the reaction with hydrogen sulphide generates iron sulphide and pure sulphur which, in turn, are used as additives to enhance the properties of fertilisers

Taking into consideration its efficiency and value for money FerroBio is the best choice for all types of biogas factories, not only for its technology (dry or wet) but also for the type of waste material it uses.

iron hydroxide

How it works?

Ferro Bio triggers a chemical reaction that reacts with H2S and generates Hydrogen Sulphide and pure Sulphur.

Its desulphurisation format depends on the way it is meant to be applied. It can be supplied in powder or pellets.

Or if an “In situ” technique is used (inside a digester) FerrBio comes micronised in powder. It is easy to handle, the product has to be directly added into the bio-digester. Ferro Bio is shipped in biodegradable 20-kilogram packages or in 1-ton BigBags or other formats that our clients might find more comfortable.

Or Ferro Bio Pellets (with a filter): this desulphurisation method is used when H2S comes in gas-phase. In this case, it is also delivered in biodegradable 20-kilogram packages and sacks or BigBags.


Our company can extract and process over 20,000 tons of mineral per year on our facilities located in Spain.

To do so, we have enough manpower and financial resources to ensure the product supply to the end client anywhere in the world.

We do not only produce, but we also provide technical advice. Our team of chemists, biotechnologists and engineers can solve any issue regarding the dosage or operation of FerroBio, taking into consideration the type of factory or the input added in the digester.

We convert biodegradable substratum into energy

Quality is our main concern. We are ready to offer innovative solutions to cater for any need that our clients might have in the most successful, efficient and competitive manner.

We grow hand in hand with our customers”.


Latest developments and news related to the sector.

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FerroBio Group is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the different fields necessary to form FerroBio.

Ángel Borruey

Industrial Engineer

Miguel Palos


M. Ángel Martínez


Gonzalo López-Madrazo Hernandez


Maria Borruey


Account Manager

Gonzalo Lopez Madrazo Royo


Account Manager

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