Ferro Bio

Ferro Bio is an iron compound Fe (OH) 3, made of functional oxides and hydroxides that upon reaction with hydrogen sulphide generates iron sulphide and pure sulphur, substances that, in turn, are used as additives to enhance properties of fertilisers.

Taking into consideration its efficiency and value for money Ferro Bio is the best choice for all types of biogas factories, not only for its technology (dry or wet) but also for the type of waste material it uses.


Solid municipal waste.


Energy crop (corn, sunflower, beetroot, etc.)


Livestock farming, fertiliser.


Sewage sludge from water treatment plants.

Our product is able to absorb hydrogen sulphide (H2S) generated by your factory, clean the generated gas thus taking it to the best possible level for its further use.

Ferro Bio is easy to use, non-toxic, not hazardous, economical and efficient. It is not corrosive and helps generate high-quality compost that enhances all types of fertilisers.

We use two types of techniques for hydrogen sulphide (H2S) treatment:

Apply powdered Ferro Bio that is directly added into the fermentation reactor (anaerobic tank).

This way, the reaction takes place inside the digester and the gas comes out already free from hydrogen sulphide.

Iron sulphide and pure sulphur are deposited in the compost which comes out enhanced and ready for its subsequent use as fertiliser.

The key solution

FERRO BIO can be used in two ways:

Liquid phase

In situ treatment adding FERRO BIO directly into the digester

Gas phase

FERRO BIO PELLETS through the filter.

  • Adding oxygen into the digester.
  • Adding salts/iron oxides into the digester.
  • Adding compounds of iron hydroxides and oxides into the digester.
  • Adding compounds of iron hydroxides and oxides into the digesterThis is how Ferro Bio is used.

  • Adsorption (filters):

    • Activated carbon.
    • Ferro Bio (pellets).
    • Molecular sieve membrane.

    • Iron oxides and hydroxides

  • Absorción (scrubbing):
    • Water.
    • Organic solvent (polar).

    • Iron oxides and hydroxides solutions coming from iron salts.

Advantages of Ferro Bio “In situ” vs other alternatives:

Ferric chlori
Stabilised Iron salts
Synthetic iron oxides and hydroxides
Adding air-oxygen

No explosive mixtures, hazard-free.

No oxygen injection required.

Buffering capacity

When Ferro Bio supply is stopped, the levels of H2S will not rise fast thanks to the reaction kinetics that generates the buffering or absorption capacity. On the other hand, if adding of competing products, such as Ferric Chloride, is stopped the level of hydrogen sulphide will increase fast.

Corrosion risk solved.

The maintenance cost of the equipment is reduced.

Easy and safe handling

More efficient desulphurising process.

Not only is this an efficient system to reduce H2S, but it also enhances the productivity of biogas in the reactor.

Valorised compost.

When using Ferro Bio the iron sulphide and pure sulphur are produced, which, in turn, contribute to enhancing the properties of fertilisers.

Physical damages and toxicity risks are prevented.

Ferro Bio is not harmful to people or equipment and is environmentally friendly.


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