Our history

FerroBio Group

Is a mining technology startup set by MBC Chemical Industries SA Group.

We are a Spanish company (funded by national investors) that extracts, converts, develops and supplies iron hydroxides to provide solutions for the industries of biogas and water treatment and to work out the foul odour related issues.

The mineral is extracted in the mine from high-quality veins. Its subsequent thermal treatment and micronisation are carried out at our facilities. The product obtained as a result has one of the highest H2S absorbing capacities in the world.

Our R&D team (engineers, biotechnologists and chemists) stays in touch with the production team and the end client at all times. They are involved in the development of new products as well as consulting the end clients providing solutions to any desulphurisation problem that might come up.

"We grow along with our clients"

FerroBio Team

Ángel Borruey

Industrial Engineer

Miguel Palos


M. Ángel Martínez


Gonzalo López-Madrazo Hernandez


Maria Borruey


Account Manager

Gonzalo Lopez Madrazo Royo


Account Manager

How to solve a problem enhancing the environment



A biogas plant converts biodegradable substratum into electricity and thermal power. Our extraction and processing capacity is over 20,000 tons of mineral per year.

Our company does not only extract, but also converts and sells the product. We also advise our clients on the dosage of the material required based on the input volume added to the digester.

Our team of chemists, biotechnologists and engineers makes sure that any issue that might come up is properly solved.

Human resources and technical facilities we have at our disposal make it possible to provide prompt responses and reach any corner of the world.


Technical support

Technical support

Our team of engineers, chemists and biotechnologists is ready to help solve any problem our clients might have.

Technical Advice

Advice on the dosage of the product following the individual needs and requirements of each client.


Our technical support team is available at all times 24/7.


High-quality technical support service is essential for companies and consumers. On the one hand, it represents an excellent opportunity for service providers and on the other, ensures comfort and relief for the users.


Flexibility and capacity to adapt are key qualities necessary to provide the proper response for every case that might emerge. Technical support is a two-way channel of communication that allows suppliers and clients to exchange their feedbacks and learn from them.

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