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Research, development and innovation are the cornerstones of Ferro Bio Group. They have been decisive to our growth and consolidation on international markets.

The aim of R&D&I is the development and introduction of new products that would allow us to offer our clients the best possible solutions to their problems.

Thanks to the continuous research we can develop personalised solutions adjustable to the needs of our customers.

Our current course of action can be outlined as follows:
Biogas Industry:

In-situ desulphurisation (inside the Anaerobic Digester) or gas-phase (using the filter filled with FerroBio Pellets).

Contaminated water treatment

Our hydroxide has adsorption properties for main water contaminants (Cr, Cu, As, …).

Foul odour-related issues

are dealt with using filters with FerroBio Pellets.


The R&D&I team

R&D&I team works closely with several technology centres, universities and private companies so as to devise more innovative, higher-quality and more competitive products.

This department plays an important role in the company and is deemed as the motor that together with Marketing Department makes it possible to design and develop new products

FerroBio Group

Having a high-quality product is not enough, it has to evolve, the competition never sleeps. Department is the future of our company.

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